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Teachers With Apps NOTEWORTHY app!
"It is a pleasure to find an app that has the knack for presenting complicated concepts and subject matter in a fun, engaging way."

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Fun Educational Apps TOP PICK!
"Heart and Lungs Lab exceeds all expectations for content, design, animation, and graphics."

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"Heart and Lungs Lab is a great resource for a classroom or homeschool setting."

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Do you know why your body needs oxygen? Do you know why your heart beats faster when you exercise? This app answers these questions and unravels other mysteries of your body in a fun, interactive way.

Heart and Lungs Lab comprises three elements: a school-level anatomy atlas, a fun and challenging practice test with two levels of difficulty, and six different labs for learning about your heart and lungs through exploration and experiment.

Bones App

The app's six labs let users experiment with the structure and functioning of the human body's cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and at all stages, kids can tap for detailed text.

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