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"The Digestive System by Isygames has all those incredible WOW factors that you want in a learning app."
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"Overall, The Amazing Digestive Journey, is a great app. It is a very detailed look at the digestive system. Children become doctors as they work through puzzles to help food move through the body. This is a neat way to teach body systems, and makes learning fun."
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Do you want to know how your body works on the inside? The Amazing Digestive Journey is a graphic adventure that will provide young adventure buffs with hours of fun.

It is designed for girls and boys to learn about the organs involved in the digestive process and how they work together, all through play.

Starting in the mouth, kids solve puzzles to make progress down through the esophagus, stomach, liver, pancreas, and the small and large intestines… At the end there is a fun surprise waiting for them!

Related themes are introduced, such as healthy habits:
- The principles of healthy nutrition.
- Basic hygiene guidelines, such as brushing your teeth after every meal.
- Warnings that certain medications cannot be taken without a medical prescription.

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